Padel World Press - Carbon, fiberglass, Eva rubber... These are some of the materials and compounds that make up the padel rackets that you use in your matches and training. Do you want to know how they affect the playability?

We could say that different materials of the padel rackets they differ from each other by the way they behave when the player uses the paddle; For example, and this is not always the case, a beginner level player will always opt for a shovel made up of fiberglass, a softer material than carbon, which will allow a better adaptation.

The material of the paddle blades are also differentiated by zones; the plans They are made of materials such as carbon (harder) and the fiberglass (softer) the tubing, one of the areas that suffers the most, is usually composed of carbon, graphite or Kevlar and finally the inner core, in which elastic materials will be used, such as Eva Goma, a component that will generate that necessary elasticity to increase the ball output in the hit.

Now we will explain the different padel racket materials that are on the market right now. Don't miss a thing!


Carbon fiber

Carbon fiber is a component made up of intertwined carbon filaments with a final result of a mesh of great resistance and hardness, this significantly improves the exposure to possible structural blows that you may suffer.

This material is also characterized by its surprising lightness, which makes it possible to manufacture paddle shovels of very little weight, below 350 grams.

How does this material behave on the track? The player who has a carbon racket in his arsenal will notice a great improvement in ball control and greater power, but the main drawback is that the ball will be lost.

As an example of a carbon blade we could put the Adidas Metalbone 3.1 by Ale Galán 


La fiberglass It is a much more affordable component, unlike carbon, which has a higher cost. This material is characterized by its elasticity, which is why it is implemented in the planes of the blades with the aim of reducing vibrations in the elbow when hitting the ball.

This material in paddle shovels is usually incorporated into medium level, and that elasticity means that when the ball hits, it comes out with greater speed, helping the player a lot in his hits. Although some professional players like Miguel Lamperti use fiberglass composite blades, such as Nox ML 10 Pro Cup, to give that extra speed to your blows

How does this material behave on the track? As we have commented previously, the player who has a fiberglass shovel You will notice great comfort and a quick adaptation to it. The ball output will be much more noticeable that in a carbon blade, it will also reduce the force of the impacts thanks to the elasticity that characterizes this material.

Eva Goma

This material is another of the key components in the manufacture of paddle tennis rackets. And, although it is a material that depending on the density can be harder or softer, we are going to opt for the hardest to differentiate it from the foam rubber, which we will explain later.

This material is implemented in advanced level rackets, for players with a certain level who need a lot of power and great control. A padel racket with Eva Rubber will be more resistant, it will affect more power on hard hits and a lot of control in the blows like chiquita or balloons.

How does this material behave on the track? As we have already commented, the player who uses a shovel made up of Eva GomaIn general, it will be an experienced player who needs a hard racket that provides power in the most aggressive shots and perfect control for soft shots.

A shovel of these characteristics would be the shovel Bullpadel Hack 03 by Paquito Navarro

Rubber Foam

La Rubber Foam, unlike Eva foam, offers a softer touch, resulting in a much more comfortable touch, greater ball output thanks to its elasticity and a clear reduction of impacts and vibrations that the elbow may suffer when we make any type of blow.

As drawbacks, it could be said that it is somewhat less resistant than a steel shovel. Eva Goma and less sense of control on soft hits.

How does this material behave on the track? The blades made up of Rubber Foam They are usually addressed to mid level player that you need, on the one hand, greater comfort and manageability during matches and training, and on the other hand, that ball output that will allow you to give extra power to the hardest shots.

These are the main materials of the paddle blades, but thanks to the continuous research by the brands, other less conventional ones are used but with great results; aluminum fiber, Kevlar, Titanium and many more.


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