This time we do not bring a test of a shovel ... We make it from the most essential material and the one we have to pamper the most for the practice of paddle tennis and that is none other than the shoes. We will analyze one of the great models presented by Wilson for this season.

Padel World Press .- Why do we say that footwear is the most important thing? Because, simply, in addition to influencing our game will have a prominent role in our physical health. The sneakers are the only element that will always be at stake and, therefore, are the material that we are going to demand the most in every movement we make, whether to hit a ball or simply to get on the track, start with speed , maintain balance, slow down, etc ...

For all the above, and much more, we have to say that we are (and you should be) super demanding with this material ... So in addition to asking for a beautiful aesthetic (that always pleases) we have to demand conditions, status and characteristics that at least are optimal for the development of our activity 'downer' because we do not only risk being faster, jumping higher or having a good style but, in addition, we play the most important: HEALTH… And that is the aspect that we are going to focus on the most.

After making a declaration of intentions and sharing with you something that we have engraved on fire (our old injuries and chronic record it with fire), in this analysis we will present an original footwear and in which, without any doubt, they have wanted to give a turn more to the health aspect. The prestigious WILSON brand has given us the last thing they have imported from tennis (where they undoubtedly are an indisputable reference) and that will provoke more than one comment on the padel courts: Amplifeel Grays and Greens 2017, with an aspect and functionality never seen before in the paddle.

We begin the analysis of the product in hand

As soon as it arrived and we opened the box, we could not stop looking at it. A novel product in our sport had fallen into our hands and, at first, it already caught our attention because we had only known sports shoes as 'BOOTS' in Basketball and now it had reached paddle tennis ... Risky bet but to us we really like brands to take risks from time to time.

Because that's the way it is, comrades, we started and we're going full time to what everyone will be able to notice: the new Wilson Amplifeel is a boot-style paddle shoe, that is, it has an extra insert to the shoe in its' embouchure ', like an elastic band very much like an anklet in which, in addition, two elastic bands are added that will adjust the foot with a Velcro fastening.

For those who have not seen it yet, I could define it as a functional bandage that physiotherapists make for you to have more consistency in the joints, an apparently comfortable hold. The word would be consistent or, in other words, you may have noticed that more than one WPT player, and even very great high ranking players, wear ankle restraints to gain stability, either due to injury, having had a disease, or be its weak part and, therefore, dart of many scares, or simply because it gives them confidence in their movements ... Well, this shoe already has it incorporated as standard. It is something new and we were looking forward to trying it.

As for the rest of the shoe, what can we say that does not say the own brand that has printed: WILSON. The 'W' is synonymous with quality shoes, years of experience and, at first glance, it shows.

The color of the test is a gray tone 'gunpowder' as the base color, to which the inscription Wilson of the yellow fastening tape together with the 'Amplifeel' model and a subtle binding edge of sole and slipper, which almost surrounds it The heel and the half back sole combines with the black color. For us, it is a very nice shoe, sober, without shrillness but in which the detail in yellow gives a sporty and very elegant.

The fabric is hard, with perforations in both the instep and on the sides of the shoe and a kind of mesh in the heel that will surely give a good breathability to our feet. In turn, we can see at first glance the reinforcements that this model has and it seems that sincerely it is a very well-armed shoe.

The hard sole too, herringbone and in two colors (yellow-black), gives a more sporty touch to its aesthetics. When we talk about a hard sole we are not talking about hardness in terms of cushioning (remember that it is the product in hand, we will see that on the track) ... We mean that if we try to bend the 'spikes' with our finger we see that it costs us a lot. There are other shoes on the market where these spikes are softer. Among other benefits, is that the harder you last, the longer the sole will last but, on the contrary, we will have less grip than with a soft sole ... It is a question of what is prioritized since, for example, we have had shoes that we have thrown practically new because we have eaten the sole.

As for his drawing, highlight that it has a different drawing on the outer top that will come very well for lateral displacements and for starts on tracks with lots of sand.

We squeezed the laces, our upper support and we jumped to the track ...

And finally we jump onto the court with them. We put on our shoes and we have to admit that at first it costs a bit ... The lack of habit and the difficulty of putting the foot through having a narrower entrance mouth than a normal shoe makes it take us a little longer to put them on .

Once the laces are tied and the upper velcro is adjusted, we can say that these shoes fit like a real glove, feeling at all times what we could imagine: A fastening of the entire ankle joint that makes us feel very safe. To put a simile, it would be something like wearing an armor.

The shoe is made of hard fabric, with the ankle support armed and of an average weight, so we already removed a doubt that we had with it in hand, which was whether the 'Amplifeel' system would raise or not the weight of it. excessive way. We can not say that they are lightweight shoes but they are not the heaviest on the market either. They have a normal weight inside a model that takes care of both the safety of movements.

As for the free functionality of the ankle, it is another cliché that we banish. As we said in the example with the product in hand, it is a similarity between functional bandage and ankle but it is neither. Notes the grip, you tighten what you want but you do not get to lose the free game of the ankle although, as it is evident, you hold the free will of the ankle and, therefore, it limits you (subject) the end of the route of the same.

We start to move from one side to the other and the security it gives you in your feet and, therefore, in your legs is a joy. We can assure you (because we suffer in that part) that the Wilson Amplifeel has given us an added stability not only to the ankle or feet but also to the knee ... And I insist that we say it from our own experience since it is our weakest part.

As for the sole, it grabs without problems in several situations of sand that we have tried but it is not an excessive grip, of those that can leave us nailed.

The reinforcements and the hard fabric are noticed instantly, so we have to say that in situations of high heat it is true that, despite its good perspiration, we have left our sweat on the elastic band of the ankle. Sudas more than a more elastic or soft tissue, but it is something that does not surprise us as security and reinforcements make a shoe more coarse and warmer. As we say, we are not surprised because when we raise the security systems, reinforcements and durability, we lower the flexibility level and increase, by the fabric, the temperature inside the boot.

If you look at the cushioning, of course we can not complain about it. It has good cushioning, something that Wilson always counts on. This is due, in addition to the systems that the shoe brings with it, for the comfort of its staff that is also comfortable and absorbs something impacts.

And it is that we have not commented on it ... But once we overcome the difficulties of putting them on with the boot system, we must ensure that once inside, the foot feels comfortable and well molded by the inside of the shoe. Foot comfort is a resounding success.

We keep moving and I think that they will be shoes that will triumph among those who suffer with their lower joints. Undoubtedly, we can not fail to indicate that so far is the shoe in which we have found more secure and more in a sport in which turns, snatches, skids and lateral displacements are the bread of each game.

As for the game of the sole, that is to say, the torsion of the sole that we perform in jumping movements and frontal displacements, behaves optimally, without boasting but not too rough or too rigid.

In summary…

The Wilson Amplifeel are shoes that impact just seeing it and in which the brand has created a comfortable model but, above all, sure, that will allow us to enjoy our sport with an extra confidence that will allow us to focus only on the ball. We advise them to those who suffer with their lower joints or for those who wish to have a more stability and firmness in their movements.

As for the weight, it is not light but it would be impossible to be with these characteristics. However, we have tried sneakers that are the same or heavier than these and that do not have the systems that come with the Amplifeel.

In terms of durability, we assure you that we have been testing them for a long time and giving them more power and have not suffered even a scratch that does not have to be even a small crack to ruin our fabric. We hope, without risk to make mistakes, that they will be shoes for a long time.

As we have said, it will take a bit of getting used to the time to put it on because the boot system will make it a bit more difficult, although the ankle band is flexible and we have already gotten used to pulling them.

In another order of things are the theme that in the summer months we will sweat a little more for obvious reasons although perspiration works well. Where else we notice is in the ankle band, which will be wet with sweat (dries fast). On the other hand, there is the issue of the rigidity of the outer textile of the boot, which, being hard, will give us stability and support but it will take away our ease and lightness.

Of aesthetics, we put a good note because it is a sober shoe but very sporty, with the yellow highlight on the gray background that we love.

And so far the Wilson Amplifeel Test, an authentic SHIELD for our legs either in prevention or in reaction (after an injury). Therefore, we have to say that they are the safest, without a doubt, that we have tried.

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Thanks for reading. We hope you like the analysis.

Hugo R.

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