Syltek, prestigious company considered as the great reference in the field of management of paddle clubs, continues to surprise us with its continuous improvements and developments in this 2016. On this occasion, they remind us How a tool works very useful for any club.

Padel World Press .- They have not ceased to be faithful to the philosophy with which they took their first steps. With the firm intention of satisfying the needs and demands of each and every one of the most 500 clubs that are already part of its client portfolio, as well as with the desire to make more complete an offer that ends up seducing those who still do not they are, since the Syltek team has not stopped working to improve a tool that already offers inexhaustible possibilities.

As shown, this new post, in which we talk about a very interesting functionality for all its users.

"Not all workers in a club have the same functions and, therefore, do not have the need to access the same modules of the program.

That is why there is the option to customize what will be the screen that will appear to each user when they open the system. By default, they usually go to the occupation or cashier opening, if it is not open. But that is something that can be changed from 'System / Users / Home Page'.

The first step to follow is to access the page we want to open. Once done, we copy the browser link and place it on the Home Page, as we can see in the following image.

Personalized Home Page: A functionality for 'rediscover' in PadelClick

In this way, managers can open directly the economic report they always want to see; the reception of a gym will consult the list of active clients; the teacher, the school courses ...

Convinced of its great services, this prestigious company offers the possibility of setting up an application tailored to any club, with its data, so that those interested can try it without any commitment. So that the user can see all its advantages, you can make a Demo by Internet or schedule a visit to the club itself, in which one of the Experts and Advisors of the company will perform a tutorial on site.

Hiring their services is very simple. You can check all the information in the Syltek website  or by sending an email to . For those interested, it is possible to download their presentation clicking on this link

This is PadelClick, the most complete club management software in the world.

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