Padel World Press - It has been four consecutive seasons Juan Lebrón at the top of the World Padel Tour ranking, but your ceiling hasn't reached yet. Will you be able to keep it this season alongside Ale Galán?


World Padel Tour It has a decade of history, five of those years have been reigned by Fernando Belasteguin as number one on the circuit, a record that he still holds, but there is a player who is very close to taking it from him. And it is that Juan Lebrón has been four consecutive seasons number one in the world.

A player who at 28 years old has established himself as one of the best players in the world, who will go down in history for being the first Spanish number one in the men's category.

28 are the titles that he houses within his record and, as we have previously commented, the Andalusian's ceiling has not yet reached. His maturity and professionalism have increased with his age, which suggests that the titles have not ended for him.

The beginning of Juan Lebrón in World Padel Tour

Lebrón began his journey through the circuit World Padel Tour teaming up with Marcello Jardim in 2015, a player of a very high level with whom he managed to reach the final of a Challenger in Barcelona, ​​which they lost against the super kids. In 2016, she was placed next to Gaby Reca and with Adrian "El Tito" Allemandi in 2017.

But it was in 2018 with the union of Juan Cruz Belluati when we began to see what the Andalusian was capable of. And it is that "Los Juanes" reached the semifinals of the Cantalunya Master and won, nothing more and less, than Bela and Lima, an invincible couple. With Belluati he reached two finals, and later joined John Martin to end that season in which they reached three semifinals.


In 2019 he was proclaimed number one in the world

Already in 2019, the Sevillian Paquito Navarro I wanted to form a pair with a player in full projection. Juan Lebrón could not say that he did not to a figure like Paquito, although that meant that the man from Cádiz would have to go to the drive.

It was from here when the titles began to arrive. Paquito and Juan reached seven finals of the first eight tournaments played, winning four of them. The first titles of the man from Cádiz.

But the strong personalities of the Andalusians collided forcefully. A very bad run of more than four months without reaching a final allowed Sanyo Gutiérrez and Maxi Sánchez narrow the lead to them.

However, Paquito and Lebrón put aside their differences, returning to the path of victory with their title in Sao Paulo. A title with which they made history, becoming the first Spaniards to finish a season as number one in the world.

Paquito Navarro and Juan Lebron
Paquito Navarro and Juan Lebron

Lebron and Galán begin their reign

The bad streak suffered by Paquito Navarro and Juan Lebrón triggered their separation as a couple. Paquito formed a duo with Pablo Lima, while Juan Lebrón joined the team Alejandro Galán forming a couple that had all the ingredients to do something great on the circuit.

The 2020 season marked by the pandemic, was the beginning of what would be the reign of the Spanish couple. They took the first four first tournaments of 2020 and finished the season as number one in the world the second consecutive year of the man from Cádiz.

2021 was a year of maximum competition, Paquito Navarro formed a pair with Martín Di Nenno, a player who returned to the top of the ranking after several years. Next to Paquito he got his first big title World Padel Tour in Barcelona. The Spanish-Argentine couple had a brilliant second half of the season and were dangerously close to Lebrón and Galán. In fact it was in the Final Master where number one would be decided, which Lebrón and Galán finally kept, since Paquito and Di Nenno were defeated in the semifinal.


Lebrón achieves his fourth consecutive year at the top of the ranking

Last season started not very well for the number one, in fact they lost their first game in Miami against Garrido and Campagnolo. Later, at the Reus Open, still reaching the final, they were heavily defeated by Sanyo and Tapia, his main persecutors.

It was at the Alicante Open when the current number one got their first title of the year. Despite this, they continued at the top of the ranking, but closely followed by Sanyo and Tapia.

After the summer holidays, everything changed for the man from Madrid and the man from Cádiz, at the same time that the Argentines went into free fall. John and Ale they won a whopping six of the nine titles of the season, once again opening the gap in the breed.

Bela is currently the player who can still make it difficult to achieve the record for Lebrón, we will only have to wait for the season to end.











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