Gemma Triay and Martita Ortega prepare their first goal!


Padel World Press - It was sung! Marta Ortega becomes the dream couple of Gemma Triay while Alejandra Salazar recovers from an elbow injury. With an unexpected twist, this duo promises to wow fans and make their mark on the racing calendar.

After his participation in the WPT Marbella Masters, Alejandra Salazar He surprised everyone by announcing his withdrawal due to an elbow injury that had been dragging on for a long time. Although the timing of his recovery is still uncertain, Gemma Triay He had no choice but to find a partner to face the next challenges on the circuit, after a week off. And the chosen one is none other than Marta Ortega, a former number one in paddle tennis.

At the beginning of the year, Marta began her journey with Bea González like couple number three. However, in the last two months, she has formed a great duo with the Portuguese Sofia Araújo, conquering the title in the Alicante Open 500. But fate had other plans, since yesterday it was announced that the Marbella tournament was the last one in which they competed together. The reason for this separation is none other than Gemma Triay's call to the talented Madrid.

Gemma and Marta now have a week to prepare and make their official debut at the WPT French Padel Open in the next week. Both players will have to work hard to become a competitive couple and face the best in each game.

With enthusiasm and determination, Gemma Triay expressed her gratitude to Marta: «Martis, thank you for accepting the challenge. It will be a pleasure to play by your side. We will have to work hard to become a competitive couple. I am excited to face this challenge together. Let's go for Toulouse!»

The news of this new alliance has left padel fans expectant, eager to witness the synergy and talent of Gemma Triay and Marta Ortega in action. It will be interesting to see how they perform in the upcoming tournaments and how they overcome the obstacles that come their way. Undoubtedly, this new couple promises strong emotions and a spectacular game in each match.

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