The countdown enters its final and decisive stretch. Next Monday 14 of March, at 12: 00 hours, will be the Official Presentation of a new season that is full of surprises and strong emotions.

Padel World Press .- As they revealed from World Paddle Tour, said event will be held at the CaixaForum Socio Cultural Center, located on the emblematic Paseo del Prado in Madrid.

During it, the Calendar of this campaign will be announced, the names of the new cities that will join the show of the best paddle in the world will be revealed and, in turn, it will be explained what the main sports and technical novelties will consist of of a Circuit that promises to be exciting.

All members of the staff will be present at the event. World Paddle Tour, as well as sponsors, the first ten couples of the Male and Female Ranking as well as different VIP personalities who, in addition to being fans of the world of paddle tennis, are fervent followers of the WPT Circuit.

Each time less is needed for the start of the new season.

Now we can say that the show does not stop ... Enjoy the Game !!!

WPT Circuit 2016: Only a few days to know all its secrets

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