Padel World Press - the brazilian player Pablo Lima, four times number one in the world, will say goodbye to professional padel at the end of this season. What are the reasons?

Yesterday the world of paddle tennis was shocked by bittersweet news, and that is that the historic player Pablo Lima will say goodbye to his professional padel career as a player, hopefully in the next Master Final of Barcelona, last tournament of the year.

Nacho Palencia, reporter for World Padel Tour He has been able to chat with him in an interview to ask him some of the reasons that have led him to make that decision.

The decision that the Brazilian player has taken has been well thought out. Last season it was already on his mind but his turning point was after the Mexico tournament, when he decided to end his stage as a professional player.

There have been several reasons that have led to the "Porto Alegre Canyon" has said goodbye to the best padel in the world. One of them has been the discomfort that he has had in his knee for a few years.

Some discomfort that makes him face the season knowing that he may have physical problems, an aspect that he would resent, both at the level of his partner and at his own. "I don't want to get injured, be away for a while and then come back", that would imply a tremendous recovery effort to return to the highest level.


Another of the important issues for which he has decided to put an end to his passion is, of course, the family. As he says "I want to be able to go to my son's birthday and I want to be able to go to a school performance" something incompatible with the level of demand of the professional paddle tennis circuits, with more and more tests to be carried out.

It is because of that Pablo Lima He will play his last year as a professional player, to start his new project with his family in Brazil.

The interview ends with a mix of videos of some of his ex-colleagues such as Paquito Navarro, Fernando Belasteguin, Juani Mieres or Franco Stupaczuk, who are grateful for having been able to be by the side of the best player in the history of Brazil and wish him the best in his new project.









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