Padel World Press - The men's round of XNUMX World Padel Tour Reus Open 500 end with one of the surprises of the day, the victory of Tonet Sans and Teo Zapata before the new Lamperti-Libaak project.

Eight tickets were distributed for the quarterfinals of the WPT Reus Open 500 with 16 couples who would give their all to get them, four of them making their official debut in the tournament.

One of the first duos that got a pass to the quarterfinals was the one formed by Mike Yanguas and Momo González. An ambitious project that made its official debut offering a great version against Windahl and Solano to win the first set (6-3). In the second set the forces were equalized and the favorites had to suffer to close the match (7-6).

Momo González
Momo González

Lucas Bergamini and Victor Ruiz They had no problems in overcoming their round of XNUMX match against the previous couple formed by Santigosa and Gala. Two sets managed to perfection by the Spanish-Brazilian couple were enough to get the long-awaited ticket to the quarterfinals (6-2 and 6-1).

Full of victories for the new couple formed by Juan Cruz Belluati and Javi Leal, who get a pass to the next round after winning in two sets, in an even match, Mario del Castillo and Miguel Benítez (6-4 and 6-4).

Belluati and Loyal
Belluati and Loyal

One of the most even matches of the day was the one that faced Juanlu Esbri and Edu Alonso against Salva Oria and Jorge Ruiz. A match that required a third sleeve, after two spectacular sets by the two couples (6-1 and 2-6). But Edu and Juanlu gave the final blow that put them directly in the quarterfinals of the WPT Reus Open (6-3).

Another of the duos that debuted in Reus were Ramiro Moyano and Xisco Gil, that after their absence in Paraguay they came with their batteries well charged to this first Open 500 circuit. The Spanish-Argentine duo completely neutralized their rivals, Bautista and Goenaga, who could not do anything to stop them (6-0 and 6-2).

Xisco Gil
Xisco Gil

Another of the official debuts in the tournament was that of Ivanxo Ramirez and Josete Rico that, after an almost perfect first set, they had to suffer to win the match and seal their ticket to the quarterfinals against Vilariño and Jaime "Chipi" (6-1 and 7-6).

Garcia Diestro and Pincho Fernandez They also did their homework in their first game in Reus against a duo with a lot of projection such as Pablo Cardona and Álex Arroyo. But the truth is that Pincho and Diestro were more established on the court and did not make mistakes, that earned them to end the match in two sets (6-3 and 6-4).


And, as we have commented previously, the big surprise of the day that closed the round of XNUMX, Miguel Lamperti and Tino Libaak faced one of the previous couples, Tonet Sans and Teo Zapata. The latter literally annihilated the Argentines in two sets (6-1 and 6-0), getting their first quarterfinal.





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