Padel World Press – Now available the new official collection of padel clothing World Padel Tour designed exclusively by one of the leading brands in the sector, Bullpadel Sports.

A few weeks to start the most important championship in the world of paddle tennis, Bullpadel has already launched what will be the official clothing collection in collaboration with World Padel Tour. 

A collection perfectly adapted to the climatic conditions in which we currently live and with a leading role of bright colors such as fluorescent yellow, black and grey. A safe bet.

Within this line of paddle tennis clothing, both for men and women, we find coats, vests and sweatshirts for strong winter days, in addition to technical shirts and shorts of the best quality.

Bullpadel World Padel Tour Coats

We open the closet for the selection of outer garments in which we can find elegant coats and vests in black tones, and of course the best selection of sweatshirts and jackets perfect for training in shades of grey, black and yellow.

These outer garments have been manufactured taking into account the weather of this time, which is why materials such as Nylon cire and synthetic fillers Pump fiber, a technology that combines the insulation of natural feathers and the water resistance of polyester.

As for the sweatshirts, polyester and elastane have been used, two light materials that will adapt perfectly to the player, allowing total freedom of movement. Ideal for tackling winter training.

In addition, Bullpadel also offers the entire set to the players. And it is that, within its range of products for winter, it offers a Long pants and a malla black that can be combined with any of the upper parts of the new collection.


World Padel Tour game kit

We put aside the coats to focus on the inner layers, for this, Bullpadel in your collection World Padel Tour, He has made a line of clothing made up of paddle tennis shirts, shorts and skirts. In addition to technical poles Composed of an exclusive combination of high-quality fabrics that will provide total freedom of movement to the player.

The men's t-shirts are made up of four different models; Liron, Ligio, Lugre and Limbo all of them seasoned with the colors mentioned above; yellow, black and grey.

As for the shorts, they also follow the same concept in terms of colors, which makes them perfectly combinable with the shirts in order to create spectacular outfits.

The women's t-shirts also follow the same color pattern as the men's, betting on the colors mentioned above. We can find four different models; Place, Key, Lican and Flame. This in particular is the only shirt that incorporates the Drynamic technology, a highly wind-resistant and breathable fabric. The rest of the shirts include the technology DryLum, a fabric with the ability to retain very little liquid in order to dry very quickly.

These women's t-shirts are perfectly combinable with the different skirts that Bullpadel incorporates into its collection; sealing wax and league, in addition to the short Slice With technology binary that provides incredible elasticity for greater adaptation.




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