Padel World Press - The best plan to start June? Keepadel brings you three padel tournaments in Madrid with incredible prizes, competitiveness and, of course, the best atmosphere. Guaranteed fun!

If you want to enjoy the best padel in Madrid, Keepadel brings you the perfect plan for the weekend. Three tournaments in different areas of the city in which fun is guaranteed.

The weekend begins with the classic tournament in a night format, this time it will be at the paddle club paddle hangar located in the town of Alcobendas. The event will begin at 21:00 p.m. and You will have two different levels available in which to participate (A and B). The prizes will be, for the champion of the A+ level A shovel Vibor-A King Cobra Carbon and, for the champions of level B, an incredible Bullpadel Vertex X Series. For the runners-up there will also be a reward in the form of Vibora padel rackets. The players who stay in the consolation finals They will also get a gift in the form of paddle tennis equipment.


He second round will take place on Saturday at Padel 2.0 in the town of Móstoles at 15:30 p.m., this tournament, like the previous one, will have two levels, but in this case they will be Level A and Level B. What will the prizes be? The champions of Level A will take home the shovel Nox MM2 Pro by Manu Martín and, the champions of Level B will have a shovel as a prize Bamboo Viper. The runners-up will also enjoy a prize, which will be the Vibora paletero, also the consolation champions and runners-up They will also win a prize.


And the final touch to this weekend of total padel is the afternoon tournament at Duin Sports Las Rozas, on Sunday at 16:00 p.m. A tournament with two different levels, Level A for medium-high level players and another lower level (Level B), for players of medium – medium-low levels. There will also be great prizes, which will be distributed in this way: Level A champions will receive a shovel as a prize Black Mamba Viper, the Level B champions will receive an Adidas consolation champions and runners-up a surprise gift in the form of padel equipment.




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