Padel World Press - Pablo Lima He already has a new weapon for his debut in the World Padel Tout Modon Abu Dhabi Master 2023, it will be the shovel Dropshot Canyon Pro 1.0 under the motto «Controlled power».

Drop Shot continues to be at the forefront of the world padel market, not only for championing players of the stature of Juan Martín Diaz, Pablo Lima or Lucas Campagnolo, also for creating high-performance sports products each season, such as the Drop Shot Canyon Pro 1.0.

A new Drop Shot racket completely renovated, both in design and in performance, which was launched a few months ago with the aim of accompanying the Brazilian player Pablo Lima throughout the season.


And it is that a little over a year ago the Lima Series range, a line of products oriented to aggressive players who need maximum power, without neglecting aspects such as control and precision. Well, this year the improvements have been far exceeded.

In fact it's new Dropshot Canyon Pro 1.0 it increases its demand at an offensive level, as well as being a much more precise weapon, all thanks to a meticulous development process in which new technologies and materials have been incorporated.

Features of the new Drop Shot Canyon Pro 1.0

It was last season when the Drop Shot brand incorporated the Brazilian player into its team Pablo Lima, a signing in style that deserved, how could it be otherwise, a new creation that adjusted to his technical needs. That was the Drop Shot Canyon Pro 1.0.

But the reality is that Pablo Lima wants more, I can see last season in which he has won several titles both World Padel Tour as Premier Padel. That is why Drop Shot has improved the unbeatable with the re-edition of the Canyon Pro 1.0 under three signs that clearly differentiate it from the others: controlled power, versatility and high performance.

The outer core incorporates the TeXtreme 24K of 24 carbon monofilaments that maximize flex and resistance. For the inner core, it is committed to the Eva Rubber Pro with a soft and elastic touch that will increase the output of the ball and, finally, the frame or structure made up of a double tubular carbon that integrates technology Twin Tubular System.

In addition, this Drop Shot Canyon Pro 1.0 introduces a complete technological arsenal that will significantly increase performance; he 3D Face system on the planes that will improve topspin shots when in contact with the ball, the polyamide and nylon protector Polyamide Protection Bumper and the innovative system of disposition of the holes Smart Hole System that optimizes the hitting area.

As in the 2022 season, this new weapon remains faithful to its teardrop format, high balance and a perfect sweet spot that guarantees pinpoint accuracy in order to minimize player error.

Design of the new Drop Shot Canyon Pro 1.0

Unlike last year, in which a white design was chosen for the structure and flashes of gold and blue for the details of the planes and the logo, this new model will show off more up-to-date cosmetics.

The new Dropshot Canyon Pro 1.0 incorporates the black background, carbon color, main material of the blade. This importance given to the material is combined with golden and orange tones that highlight the silhouette of the logo, generating great strength in the branding

The type of paint used for the design allows the blade to change color, depending on how the sunlight falls on it, generating different designs. Let's hope that she is one of the great protagonists of the year together with Pablo Lima.





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