Padel World Press - The paddle is in luck. Fernando Belasteguin continues to burn stages in his recovery and has already begun to enter the track to touch the shovel.

A Bela that began to give his first touches with the shovel inside the track almost three months after his injury. With a ball of low pressure and the consequent precautions, the one of Pehuajó happened for the first time by the track after injuring itself in the elbow.

And it's been more than two and a half months since he was injured. The 9 of August, in the second round of the Mijas Open, by then number one of the World Padel Tour He felt some discomfort in his elbow that prevented him from being able to continue in the Malaga appointment.

Since then, Bela has missed six dates of the season. Andorra, Lugo, Portugal, Granada, Bilbao and Buenos Aires They have not been able to count the 16 times number one of the World Padel Tour due to their elbow injury.

A Bela that, little by little, follows the natural course of his recovery after deciding not to go through the operating room as he claimed a few weeks ago. «If it was my last year they would have infiltrated me and I would have finished with the shattered tendon without being able to play more. I think I have several years of paddle and at a good level and for that reason it is better to stop 3 or 4 months until curing it well ", he assured.

A Bela that, still, it is not known when it will return to the tracks. With the Murcia Open and the Final Master ahead this season, it is unknown if he will be present in one of the last two appointments or will return the next course.

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